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The first time I heard my native state called New Joisy was by some guy who didn't know the difference between the Dome at Rahway and the Dome of the Rock. I tried to explain it to him, but realized I didn't know the difference myself. The ten people who can handle their r's in the state call it New Jersey and I've lived here most of my life; busted my hump as a restaurant worker, lumber yard dog, truck driver, dispatcher, college scam artist, construction drone etc.  I'm currently working as a telephone technician while writing crime stories.I also work with Dave Zeltserman bringing Harluck Stories out on the web several time a year.


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06-03-07 Travel Pics from Seville

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06-01-07 New Short Story 'An Anchored Friendship' at Demolition



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 Not for the Squemish: Check out my Cat's New Brother, the Spider living in the sink. He's huge and I'm going to miss him when I have to relocate him into the wild. 05-17-04



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